Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Wedding

Shawn and Chrissy  MARRIED!!!!!!!

It was wonderful, beautiful, emotional, fun, exciting, thoughtfully planned, and a reflection of Shawn‘s and Chrissy’s love for each other.

Since they live in Queens NY they held the wedding and reception close to home. It was held on the east shore of the East River, on an open air hotel rooftop with the Queensboro Bridge and the Manhattan skyline as backdrops. The weather was a bit windy but warm, bright and sunny.  The day was permeated with a sense of joy, intimacy and celebration. 
Dan, Shawn, Cousin Megan, and Sean
Before the ceremony friends and family (including Shawn and his attendants) were mingling and taking pictures. When it was time to begin everyone took their seats and places and the ceremony began. 

Mike and I and Chrissy’s attendants walked into Simon and Garfunkel’s 59th Street Bridge (also know as Queensboro Bridge) reflecting the whimsy of the day. The ceremony held so many words of wisdom and truly expressed what is important in a marriage.  Shawn and Chrissy were standing just feet away from us and it was an unusual delight to see and feel their emotions as they pledged their love, said their vows, exchanged their rings and accepted the responsibilities as well as the joys of marriage.  

Chrissy, Mom & Dad


We'll be right back!
 Following the recessional out one door, the wedding party reappeared a few minutes later through a different door and the picture taking and festivities began.  In due time, the guests boarded a big yellow school bus to be shuttled the few miles back to the hotel where we were all staying until the reception began.  An outdoor patio provided a gathering place for the pre-party! A few hours later the school bus returned for another trip to the reception hall, also nearby. 

Shawn's rather large family ( nine others missing)
Chrissy's rather small family

Wedding party.
While we were enjoying the first party, the bride, groom and attendants went for pictures to Gantry Park (also on the shore of the East River) where Shawn had asked Chrissy to marry him. Following that Shawn, Chrissy and the photographer stopped at a few iconic locations, then took the #7 train to Grand Central Station for more pictures both in the subway tunnels and at the station. They are unique and amazing pictures. 

On the #7 train from Queens to grand Central
Missed that train!

Grand Central Rail Station

A prayer for Scott led by Mike's dad Grampa Lynch,toasts and  speeches proceeded the dinner .

Our thoughts are with you Scott!
The surprise of the evening was the revelation of the honeymoon destination. Shawn had planned the honeymoon; with the only other person knowing where they were going was Scott (who wasn’t telling anyone from his location in Iraq). With a beautiful purple and white lei from Hawaii, we all (including Chrissy) learned of their plans.
Everything about the day was an expression of their love for each otherand  . They planned and touched every part of this wedding, leaving only the final implementation to others. Touches of purple (Chrissy's favorite color) were everywhere right down to her shoes and the argile socks for the men.

Love those socks!
Pretty purple shoes!

Every song we heard or danced to was selected by them. The music ranged from Kermit the Frog singing Rainbow Connection to Frank Sinatra and Kenny Rogers with a variety of great dancing music from Hip-Hop to the Twist. We even introduced the traditional Bulgarian Horo , a part of every Bulgarian wedding to the reception. Chrissy made all the invitations, centerpieces, flower arrangements and props for a photo booth set up at the reception. Their selection of venues from the rehearsal dinner to the places for pictures reflected much thought and their attention to the comfort and ease of their guests in such an overwhelming city was highly evident.

Young Ben stole the show!
Bulgarian Horo Dance with the father of the groom in the lead!
Getting down!

               Our visit with family and friends at the wedding was extensive, starting on Saturday and spilling through the day on Monday before we boarded our own plane back to Bulgaria. I’m so glad we took our vacation time up front before the wedding. Everything following would have been anti-climatic.!!!! The only thing that could have made it better would have been to have Scott with us for this oh so special day.

                                 Thank You Shawn and Chrissy for a wonderful day.


Valerie said...

Lynn - I love that dress you wore! Congratulations to yall and your family!

Anonymous said...

You even made the "telling" picture perfect! Thanks for including us with a glimpse of the fun and love that was shared. Think of you often!
Estelle & Bill

Anonymous said...

We were so bummed to have missed the wedding and all the fun but thanks to your blog and gorgeous photos we can appreciate the day with you. HUGE best wishes to Shawn and Chrissy!! What a terrific, fun couple!

Anonymous said...

Great times, wonderful summary. Loved seeing everyone and meeting some of Shawn and Chrissy's friends...


Anonymous said...

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