Monday, January 19, 2009

A Test of Patience:

January 19, 2009
It is tough when you have done as much as you have control over and you are left waiting for a response. We optimistically thought we would get medical clearance by Christmas, followed quickly by an assignment in Eastern Europe. On Jan 7th we were updated electronically that we were on "Medical Hold". This was followed by papers arriving in the mail on the 10th with follow-up requests. Mike's was simple...another copy of his EKG. Lynn ,however ,had four requests, three also fairly simple and benign, but the last a request for an orthopedic exam confirming her back was not is such stress that it would need surgery in the next three years. The hitch is that the Orthopedist would not see her without an MRI,an unnecessary test and expense from our point of view. Pleas and documentation to Peace Corps as well as the orthopedist to drop this requirement leaves us today on the 19th still "waiting to hear" In the meantime, the days are flying by quickly, deadlines for clearance and retirement are looming and the available places for the groups leaving for Eastern Europe (we now know it will be Bulgaria or Romania) are filling.

Needless to say the emotions have been all over the place, but in the end realize whatever happens happens. remaining flexible now seems to be as important as it will be when service actually begins!