Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Reality Setting In

We have three days before we walk away from our home, then spend a little more than a week continuing the difficult task of saying good bye to family and friends before holding hands and jumping feet first with eyes wide open into what lies ahead. I can feel the tension and stress creeping into my body. Old familiar patterns of tight shoulders and frequent headaches have become the norm. It is hard to separate out how much is related to all that needs to be done and how much to the realization that this dream and all that it implies is about to become a reality. My confidence in dealing with the unknown, though not lost is being challenged. Exactly where will the skill to teach 15 year olds instead of five year olds come from? How well will I cope with all the changes when the biggest of all is being separated from "my rock" for three months? We've done it before and we'll do it again. How easily is the question?