Saturday, April 25, 2009


As I write this I am sitting at the desk of dear friends down here in the FL Keys. The view from the windows is of a harbor filled primarily with sailboats "on the hook" otherwise know as moored. The boats come in many sizes, but what is common among them is that the majority of them act as homes either permanently or seasonally for their owners. It is amazing to see their inhabitants adapt and work out of the norm for getting the most simple things done. Taking a shower can entail gathering all necessary paraphernalia, taking the dinghy to shore, showering in a public facility and then reversing the process to return "home". Some do this in the morning to go to work!!! Grocery shopping would begin in the same way, but on the land side it might involve taking a cab to the store, riding a bike or walking. All are somewhat limiting, but that is probably OK as storage space on the boat is limiting as well. All of this strikes me as just another example of the choices people make, the things they are willing to "sacrifice" in order to live a particular life style. As I anticipate all the changes I am about to face, I will keep this image in mind when I am feeling disgruntled. Remembering the image of the boaters and the reasons I am doing what I have chosen to do.