Monday, August 31, 2009

Still doing things the hard way!

I first noticed it in the village. Area rugs, many of them full size or stair runners hanging over fences or grape arbors. I don’t know why but I didn’t expect to see it here in the big city. Not true.

On one short street on my way to the grocery store the other day there were rugs hanging over the balconies of five different apartments. Many days we are woken by the beating of rugs by the lady across the street.

I see vacuums in the stores, but either they are considered an unnecessary expense, not thorough enough or it is simply a matter of old habits being difficult to break

I watched my neighbor proceed one day through the process of washing a large rug about 12x12. It started by lugging it folded in fourths out to the driveway and hoisting up and over a metal rod (part of the arbor). The beating began and lasted quite awhile, attacking it from both sides. It was then removed, folded in fourths again and dragged to the back of the driveway. Here it was hosed down extensively on both sides and brushed with a handless broom (I’ll come back to this). Again this took a long time, turning, brushing, and hosing over and over again. Finally it was quartered again and lifted back onto the arbor bar for drying. The beating of the rugs happens on a fairly regular basis, but I’m guessing the washing of the rugs is a seasonal or annual event requiring hot sunny days for drying.

Back to the handless broom. Again, I don’t know the reason for this but it is very prevalent. Think of a regular straw broom, and then cut the handle off at the top of the straw. This is what is used to sweep almost everything including their sidewalks. One must either bend in half (which is what they do) or squat to reach the ground. It has to be back breaking! When I get an explanation,I’ll share it with you!


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Anonymous said...

Vacuums cost money and well money to most BG families is short. That is why the rugs are beaten :D